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Master’s student Soha Youssef: “I had professional experience in the field of migration but I needed to acquire the academic knowledge of the concept of migration and why people migrate. Maastricht University is one of the few universities that focuses on Migration as a specialisation. I want to contribute to achieve a safer environment for all.”

The Migration Studies specialisation trains students for the international labour market as policy advisors, practitioners, researchers, etc., working for governments, international organisations or academic institutions. Migration is a controversial topic in the international and national policy arena and the effects of migration on migrants, their families and communities in the destination and origin countries need to be studied carefully. While mass media often focus on a few spectacularly problematic cases, the courses in this specialisation study the key issues in-depth and with scientific rigour.

The specialisation in Migration Studies is one of the seven specialisations offered within the Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development, a one-year double-degree programme run by United Nations University-MERIT and Maastricht University in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Deze film is onderdeel van een reeks van 9 filmproducties voor de UNU-MERIT / Maastricht University waarin studenten van de master opleiding Public Policy & Human Development leidend zijn.

In opdracht van: United Nations University MERIT & Maastricht University
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